Mischief & trubbel

Veronica Maggio har släppt en ny låt, är svag för textraderna – Jag är född med trubbel i mitt blod, gör sånt jag inte borde. 

Jag älskar berättelser, historier och anekdoter. Hur de får liv och mening, hur de startar med trubbel och sånt du kanske aldrig borde göra men avslutas med ett minne. Hur du berättar, och berättar om igen, adderar detaljer och subtraherar dimma. Hur du snart har en fängslande sanning. Jag såg en film igår där de sa att artister berättar lögner för att säga sanningen. Tycker det var fint. Betydelsefullt. Jag har berättelser från många av världens hörn, från mörka fester och ljusa nätter. Från missöden och från succéer.


Veronica Maggio – a Swedish artist – realsed a new song yesterday, I’m weak for the lyrics – I am born with mischief in my blood, I do what I shouldn’t. 

I love stories and anecdotes. How the spring to life and becomes important, how they start with mischief and the things you shouldn’t do but ends with a memory. How you tell, and retell again ang again. Add details and subtracts haze. How you have a captivation truth. I watched a movie last night where the said ‘artists tells lies to tell the truth’. I like that, it’s meaningful. I’ve stories from many of the corner of this world, from dark parties and bright nights. From failure and success.

The taste of a great week

I wake up early these days, before my alarm sets off. It’s the sun warming my face, finding its way through my single glassed windows, stroking my cheek. It’s Monday morning, my first thought is that I’ve slept through my alarm, hit snooze in my sleep and the time is more midday than morning. It’s not. She’s not even seven.

I had a great weekend. And a great week. A great one. There was nice dinners, comedy nights, late night uber drives home and to other parties. Lots of great friends. You know, all the things one want out of life. I met up with Annie on Friday, we grabbed a sandwich dinner and headed to Out of Office for some dancing. It’s a world where everything feels a bit more shiny. A good world. Afterwards I a took an uber to Shoreditch for another dance floor and more friends. And new friends. Long night. Waking up on Saturday to House of Cards, which followed me through the rest of the weekend. That and gaming. On Sunday night, me and Seb helped Isabelle and Linnea with their move. We had indian take outs and some wine. As one do.

IMG_4351 (1)

Now, it’s Monday.

Och jag har räknat på hur mycket pengar jag har har spenderat. Kanske jag bara ska slicka mina sår, vända hem och inse att det inte är hållbart. Krossa drömmen. Vad är värt, vad är pengar? Så många frågor, så lite svar. Och vad ska jag göra med de pengar jag har? Ska jag tänka på framtiden, eller ska jag tänka på det som är här och nu? Något som är säkert – jag behöver spendera mindre pengar. Hittills idag: £1,49. Det är betydligt bättre än tidigare.

En helt annan sak, det var ganska trevligt att skriva på svenska Kanske att jag ska börja göra det.

Dinner and blurry pics

Lucky for me, life’s not only Mondays. There’s Fridays too. And last Friday I met up Annie for burgers. Restaurant dinners are my best thing. Eat food that someone else has prepared for you and no plates to wash up. Is it possible to be better than that? I met her at Old Street station, which was mental. They had to close the station at times because the platforms were full. so people piled up outside. When I get rich I’ll uber everywhere (that’s my second best thing, a private driver). We walked the short distance to Honest Burgers, sat down, had a beer, burger and shared sweet potato crisps which were divine. More things should definitely taste as sweet potatoes. When full and satisfied (is that just a Swedish expression?) we jumped on a bus to The Fox and met up almost all of my best friends.

Annie was there
Annie was there
And Leo was there
And so was Leo

That feeling, when you say hi to half the pub and are greeted with the biggest smile and a hug (perhaps that is my best-best thing). We sat down, had beers, chit-chatted about dit and dat. About forgotten weekend hikes and the discover of being in love-moment.

We also doodled.


And then we bought some beers, walked over to London Fields and a b-day party that lasted a bit too long I realised waking up Saturday morning. As show the rest of my photos, they are incredible blurry.

Mondays will be…

Mondays will be Mondays. It is known (now). It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are, your everyday life has Mondays. They recurs once every week and there’s nothing you can do about it. Today is a Monday. Not a blue or dark one, a sunny one. But, still a Monday. I feel a bit sick, or perhaps I’m just cold. Indoor coldness is the worst.

London is weirder than ever. Sometimes, mostly on Mondays, I miss my stable life in Stockholm. I don’t miss the snow and I love having all my friends here. But just the small things, having lunch with colleagues, going to the gym, all the little things a stable everyday life is. I do say stable, I could have said ordinary, but I don’t think my life ever was ordinary.

I moved yesterday. To an old victorian house with creaking wooden floor planks, high ceiling and white walls. Five minutes to Viccy park and two to my best friend. No isolation and single glass. My flatmates are interesting. New, very different from my usual squad of swedes. Time will tell if it’s a good thing, or not.


Bold. B O L D. I like that word, it tastes good in your mouth. It feels good in your stomach. Bold. Today I was called bold, a daredevil even. That felt really good. We need to be bold to conquer the world. We need to dare to see beyond the horizon.

I quit my job. I sold my flat. I bought a one way ticket.

And it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I question my decision almost every day. But I do not question my boldness. I believe most people have a hard time understanding how challenging it can be, how challenging it is. To tear up ones roots, to head out into the unknown. It is a bold thing to do. It is not a very common thing to do. And yet, people do it every day.

My life is way better today than it was Monday. I’ve a room in a beautiful victorian house, massive dark wooden floor planks, white walls, high ceiling, five minutes to Victoria Park, two minutes to my best friend. For £750 – double of what I payed for my entire 45 square meter flat in Stockholm. I need to have an income, or my boldness will be in vain.

I do hope we can see boldness in more people. In those fleeing the Syrian war. In those standing up for their sexuality. In those standing up for humanity, those fighting for disabled people, poor people, for equality, for better condition at their work place. London is an amazing city, it has so much to offer and so much to experience. So much boldness, so many daredevils, so much diversity. But Britain as a nation, as a people? I can’t in my wildest of imaginations understand what they are afraid of. I’m paying £750 a month for a room, how can they even argue that anyone would come here for the benefits (which, if you are unemployed is £73 a week, that won’t find you roof over your head, not even a shared room). People come here for the possibilities, the opportunities, because they are bold. Not because of benefits. Please, be bold and accept love, leave your hate and pettiness because it does not belong in a great nation.

On a side note, I may read too many Facebook comments on news articles. People have terrible opinions. 

Adapt or perish

The days swooshes by in no time and I can’t really keep track of them. Last week was inspiring and  intense, I had a marathon of interviews and conversations. One thing I’ve come to realise – again – people are very different. And that’s amazing. Some are total idiots, yeah they are. Some spray meeting rooms with heavy flowery perfume and turn up the heat so one almost faints. Some you talk to for ever but it really feels more like two minutes. Some don’t care, some you love instant. Some has so much energy you just want to run with them as fast and as long as possible. Some are really snobbish. Some are nerds and you love them for it. Some are very down to earth and some has everything to learn, or teach.

It’s very amazing to meet all these people, and I try to use it as comfort when the days are more moody and blue. Yes, I’ve those days too. It really is a challenge (and an adventure) to tear up ones roots, leave ones country and everything one knows. To learn about new politics, economics and ways of life, to adapt.

2016 is now

Today was one of those what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-days. It’s crazy how one’s thoughts affect the mood as much as they do. And most of all I believe it’s the uncertainty – I don’t really do anything during the days (except try to find a job), and I need to find a more permanent solution to life. But perhaps it’s just that what 2016 should be all about.

Stay in the now. Focus my thoughts on the things that make my life better. For 2015 I wanted to move to London so badly, now I’m here and having second thoughts one to many times. For 2016 I want to re-focus my energy on settling down here. And do it in my time, don’t stress out about it.

I want to find a structure to my life, to my everyday, my job, my workout routine, my home, my spare time, all those things. And I want to travel loads more – travel to other places than London. And perfect my banter.

First week

I’ve missed to tell the stories about November and December and I doubt I ever will. I’m in London now, trying to find something meaningful to occupy my time with. It sounded a lot easier on paper than it is in reality. It’s quite exhausting actually. And sometimes depressing.

On the other hand, it’s very fun to be here. I just need to get a routine to my days I believe.

I apply for jobs
I take a swim or a walk
I make food
I go for beers
I play video games (almos a first)
I am having a great time

It’s not always easy. But it’s different, and perhaps exactly what I needed. We’ll se how this turns out.

Looking back

Last year I wrote a post with goals for 2015, I was thinking we need to follow up on that.

I didn’t move to London in 2015, but I did move ten days into 2016, so I think i counts. I was quite happy, most of my days. And I had energy to do things (this list were written in a more blue state of mind). I’ve started to practice my french with Duolingo app. No new job I really love but I’ve started on two books – none of them is even close to be finished. I see now there’s a lot of things I didn’t do on that list. Well,the important things I actually managed to accomplish. High five to me!

I will get back to you on goals for 2016.

Happy holidays!

These last months has been super stressful, with finishing up work, cleaning out my apartment and moving to my parantes for later on continue to London. I had no time or energy to blog. Anyway, it’s Christmas eve tomorrow! I’m with my family and all it entails. For good and worse.

I’ve become more and more hostile towards the buy-buy-buy-mania of Christmas. However, wish lists are always fun! And here are some things I want and actually need.

Master & Dynamics headphones – because my Apple headphones are the worst. ME03_black_gallery_1_2bed31f7-4e74-4dfe-b8be-c5c1b77b3541_1024x1024

This whistle necklace – the story behind and the cause is remarkable.
Origin+black+3-2+webshop+thightHm, that’s about it. And I would like some Acne clothes, because my black fave t-shirt is falling apart.  I may be the worst person ever to buy gifts for.