Sayonara Annika

I’m now on vacay!! No, I really can’t believe either – but here I am, in Halmstad, 400 meters from the sea and years away from everything called work.

Saturday two weeks ago my friend Annika had her leaving-Stockholm-to-live-in-Tokyo-for-two-years-sayonara-party. She lives in Hornstull, on the top floor with a balcony some people probably would kill for. The invite said 4pm, I arrived by 5pm and thought I would be late. Well, I was not. Actually, I were the only one there! So we opened a bottle of rosé, sat down on her dreamy balcony and shared everything that’s happened since last time. And told some secrets too.


By 6.30pm people started to arrive and 45 minutes later we were 20 people trying to squeeze into some few square meters of balcony. The champagne were served chilled and frequently. And if this wasn’t enough, and since Annika is moving to Tokyo, she had arranged house party at the next level by inviting a master and two apprentices of kendo, in full costume. Kendo is a Japanese martial art and the closest possible one can be a samurai. We learned about strokes and blows, how and were to hit. Afters some introduction, they started to fight – in her too small living room. And they screamed, Japanese style. So incredible weird and wonderful. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


We ate sushi and continued the next bottle of champagne, by 4am we had emptied every conversation imaginable. I therefore left for home and the comfort of my bed. I had so much fun there’s very few pictures from this afternoon, evening and night. I did watch the sunrise on my walk home though.


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