A heat wave and a weekend

The heat wave held a firm grip of Stockholm last week and weekend, we had long lunches, late night drinks and all the things you do in summer Stockholm. I spent my weekend doing as little as possible – after a june filled with activities it was much needed. Reading – I will get back to you with some recommendations soon – working out, running ( / walking in the heat) and one hour bodypump followed by one hour balance. I love my sunday workout routine. Even more so when I afterwards can spend the night on my terrace, reading to 1am. If summer could be forever.


On Saturday my food intake consisted mainly of melons, so I decided to head over to Morfar Ginko for a steak tartar. My dinner was accompanied by the friendliest bartenders you can find. I also made som editing on the book that will change the world. We’ll see when I can finish it, I’m trying to write some on my vacation.

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