My life is full of contrasts, last weekend I got home by 8.30am, this weekend I’ve barely left my apartment.

I attended a house warming party last Saturday, in a area of Stockholm I never thought I would revisit. It’s so weird how life move froward and by a scent, a place or a series of events you are right back where you once started. Well, it wasn’t so serious this time, and I’ve climbed far out of the pit I once inhabited. I’ve reached a place where it doesn’t hurt anymore, where I let go of people more easily. In my life I’ve no room for people who only prioritise themselves (read psycho bitches). And I’m glad for realising that.

Anyway, we drank champagne, talked, smoked cigarettes and laughed until it was time to go downtown for dancing and ice cream drinks. We ended up at Celezte, which is this super Stockholmish club in the old National Archives. Outdoors, very hip, very much Stockholm, everything is so in order and pretty. Music and lights, smoke and mirrors – all is so thought out. I loved it and I wanted to escape it at the same time. So I did, hopped into an Über and ended up on a rooftop of an old industrial building – by invitation only. They played music you can dance to for hours and hours. Didn’t leave until 8am. The sunrise accompanied by the music were mesmerising. A setting worth experiencing.

Sunrise and rooftop love.
Sunrise and rooftop love.

This weekend, I’ve been binge watching Netflix’s Daredevil. Love it. The sun’s out and a second heat wave has its grip of Stockholm. I will hit the gym later today, a two hour killer workout. Some days it’s all you need.

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