Last week

In addition to get back to my workout routine. Last week also offered a distinguished guest, all the way from London. Zlatan, was here on vacation (and to guide and hang with his brother). We met up on Wednesday and Thursday for drinks, new friends and snapchat stories.

Another thing I really like about Stockholm, it’s possible to be a regular at a bar or restaurant here, you can actually have a relation with the bar staff – they work in the same place for more than a short period of time. And that’s what I have it at Morfar Ginko. Therefore, we went there. Talked till closing, Denise painted eyebrows on Stefan and we had a laugh. Snapchatted to all our friends and dreamt about the future. I also learned to write my name in arabic, pretty cool! Good times. On Thursday we met up again, this time at Trädgården, my first visit this summer. I love outdoor venues, but Trädgården has lost its charm to me. And Thursday was no exception. The DJ didn’t care about people dancing or not, he left for ten minutes at a time couldn’t be bothered. It’s overpriced and the people are, well, they were cooler last time I was there.

Fedj and Zlatand
Dancing away!

Besides the terrible choice of DJ we had a really good time, learned greek words to shout to the night and hijacked the photo booth. Long time ago I laughed so much. Need to get my ass over to London again. Soon. Like yesterday soon.

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