Sayonara extraordinaire

Oh my, oh my, this has been a long time. Lots of water under the bridges as a old man would whisper. I hope you take part of my endeavours in other ways. I’m quite funny.

Anyway, I replaced a festival weekend for great friends, dinners, laughing so hard I fell of the chair, rooftops, and making out in dark corners. Clearly a very good choice.

IMG_2357 (1)On Wednesday my very good friend Annika were totally surprised by a goodbye after work dedicated to her. She left for two years in Tokyo on Friday, but we spent Wednesday sipping champagne, having a great late dinner at Bistro Berns, sharing secretes and talking about every aspect of the future. When time passed midnight and more tear-filled goodbyes than anyone can count we continued out in the Stockholm night. This being her last night, we made it a night of firsts. We visited the dark corners of Stureplan, first halt was Bistro Jarl. Think old men with last-last-last-last season of Dressman, young twenty-somethings with to much makeup and kickers trying their first beer, all accompanied by the latest chart music from broken speakers. But it was quite lovely, we sat outside, had more champagne, laughed. And yes, I literally fell of the chair. We continued our night of firsts to Soap Bar. Well, you need to be super drunk to stand a second in there, it was exactly as stepping into a Magaluf beach club. In this jumble of shorts and bad hairstyles we continued the only thing keeping us sane; sipping champagne.


And we danced, and the night never wanted to end.

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