A rooftop b-day bash

So this week has been filled with sleep, work, food, work outs (I’ve now an average of 4.1 sessions a week) and books. I just finished the Bram Stoker Dracula from 1897. I love to read classics, because how much authors want to set a story in a different time, the details will tell the author is just full of shit. As Hemingway (actually one of my favs) said ‘write what you know’. Well, no author of today knows the days of yesterday as the authors of yesterday. Dracula, the book, were quite interesting even though the story is well known and replicated countless of times. Def worth your time.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to be invited to my friend Nike’s b-day bash at the Anglais terrace. We started the day with sangrias, well we had sangria for almost all of the evening. The sun was out, and so was the wind. Why does it always get so windy on the seventh floor?

She had prepared cake (read: bought) and we toasted at least 30 times – one for every year. I met old friends, and made some pretty cool new ones. Apparently I had loads of fun because there’s only a few pics.


When the sun set we left for new adventures closer to the ground. And after twelve hours of fun I dropped down dead in my bed. Still smiling.

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