When the world is hard on us

And so it happened, again. Terror struck the world without remorse. I can’t even in my wildest fantasy comprehend why and how people can hate this much. Why they are willing to fill their lives with so much hate, with so much war. We’re all victims now. But we should be victims who stand together for a better world. A world filled with less hate and more love.

I was in London during the 7/7 attacks back in 2005. It may have been the most surreal day of my life, London is always this busy and vibrant city, full of life. Not that day. The sun were out and it was another hot London summer day. But one thing were completely different, it was as if someone had muted every sound of London. No cars, no laughter, no footsteps to the tube, no bird song, no nothing. To this sharp silence, add police sirens rushing down the the streets filling them with an echo of emptiness. I can only imagine the same terrifying doomsday silence hitting Paris.

When we, as humans, face life changing moments or events, especially events constructed to bring down our freedom, our love and our way of life, we need to stand strong. We need to be more, not less. I am convinced that only love and happiness can conquer hate and anger.

And therefore I am happy my Friday night and Saturday morning were spent with friends. From afterwork at the office to dinner and then on to a bar, a friends office and later on, an abandon office space in the suburbs with a grand finale at my place. Life should be spent loving. Loving and cherish the moments we are given. And this moment were exactly one of those we should keep forever, bring out and remember when life and the word is hard on us.

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