I’ve been staring on this white page for 30 minutes now, unable to put my fingers to the keyboard. And when I do write anything, I rewrite it four times.

One of those mornings you really don’t want to remember. Waking up to the news of your new room is going to someone else. So once again you’re homeless. Great. I’m so tired of people who behave like shit. Break promises or start wars. Actually, I’m very tired if this world and the disgrace we are as humans. There’s so little room for people who are good and do good things. No, we just bomb some countries, close our borders to children in need, sell out our cities so no normal people can’t afford housing anymore. We are a corrupt world in the hands of big corporation who only cares about money. And it’s a fucking tragedy and disaster.

I did leave everything, and I made it really hard for me to go back too. And now, when people are terrible, I really wish I hadn’t made it so hard for me.

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