Bold. B O L D. I like that word, it tastes good in your mouth. It feels good in your stomach. Bold. Today I was called bold, a daredevil even. That felt really good. We need to be bold to conquer the world. We need to dare to see beyond the horizon.

I quit my job. I sold my flat. I bought a one way ticket.

And it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I question my decision almost every day. But I do not question my boldness. I believe most people have a hard time understanding how challenging it can be, how challenging it is. To tear up ones roots, to head out into the unknown. It is a bold thing to do. It is not a very common thing to do. And yet, people do it every day.

My life is way better today than it was Monday. I’ve a room in a beautiful victorian house, massive dark wooden floor planks, white walls, high ceiling, five minutes to Victoria Park, two minutes to my best friend. For £750 – double of what I payed for my entire 45 square meter flat in Stockholm. I need to have an income, or my boldness will be in vain.

I do hope we can see boldness in more people. In those fleeing the Syrian war. In those standing up for their sexuality. In those standing up for humanity, those fighting for disabled people, poor people, for equality, for better condition at their work place. London is an amazing city, it has so much to offer and so much to experience. So much boldness, so many daredevils, so much diversity. But Britain as a nation, as a people? I can’t in my wildest of imaginations understand what they are afraid of. I’m paying £750 a month for a room, how can they even argue that anyone would come here for the benefits (which, if you are unemployed is £73 a week, that won’t find you roof over your head, not even a shared room). People come here for the possibilities, the opportunities, because they are bold. Not because of benefits. Please, be bold and accept love, leave your hate and pettiness because it does not belong in a great nation.

On a side note, I may read too many Facebook comments on news articles. People have terrible opinions. 

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