Mondays will be…

Mondays will be Mondays. It is known (now). It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are, your everyday life has Mondays. They recurs once every week and there’s nothing you can do about it. Today is a Monday. Not a blue or dark one, a sunny one. But, still a Monday. I feel a bit sick, or perhaps I’m just cold. Indoor coldness is the worst.

London is weirder than ever. Sometimes, mostly on Mondays, I miss my stable life in Stockholm. I don’t miss the snow and I love having all my friends here. But just the small things, having lunch with colleagues, going to the gym, all the little things a stable everyday life is. I do say stable, I could have said ordinary, but I don’t think my life ever was ordinary.

I moved yesterday. To an old victorian house with creaking wooden floor planks, high ceiling and white walls. Five minutes to Viccy park and two to my best friend. No isolation and single glass. My flatmates are interesting. New, very different from my usual squad of swedes. Time will tell if it’s a good thing, or not.

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