Beyond The Wall

This country, the lands of the Queen, is more or less an episode beyond The Wall of Westeros. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS COLD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. NEVER. Not even the day in the Swedish Fjäll when it was -30 (probably mostly because we stayed in…). But it’s so cold here, I barely can’t take it anymore. I freeze when I go to bed and I freeze when I wake up. Its warmer outdoors than indoors. Someone has totally not understand the purpose of houses.


And I can go on and on and on about all the things I’m equally unhappy with. But let’s not. Because I can’t take one more day with ridiculous politics; brexiters or remainers. Stupid PMQs more fitting a reality show than the most powerful room in all of the Queen’s land. And please, don’t let me get started on flat sharing. This abomination of adult living. I miss my home. But let’s not talk about all of that. There are greater things ahead, I hope. Warmer at least. Summer should be coming.

I want to talk about daytime parties, warm evening winds that softly plays with the tree branches. Music. I love music, can always talk about music.

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