A well kept secret

Somedays I go to the Deli two streets away, the play classic music or some very sweet soft jazz all day. And for moments, this smal place gets totally overcrowded in seconds, like it’s the only place to be, and then as if someone waved a wand it’s super quiet again. The staff are joking around and are ever so friendly. deli_1

If I don’t pay straight away I always forget it and have to go back. Two out of two times its happened. Once I didn’t notice I skipped pay my breakfast until I went back in the afternoon for a flat white – they do great coffee, great coffee. The other time I started to walk back home to pick up my headphones and I was ‘shit, I did it again…’. Now I’ve spent the better part of my day here, trying to find a proper job, making up my mind about the future and procrastinating, drinking lemonade and becoming one of the hipsters of the area. I have my hat on!

This is a very interesting little village in the east corner of London. Not really the corner, it’s still only in zone two, but it’s a well kept secret, as if very few people knows about its existing. There’s only locals at all the places around. And all the places are great, the deli, the sourdough pizza pub, the fancy pub, the vietnamese restaurant, the café and all the others, they are great. Good food, nice and friendly staff, interesting locals, and better friends. No, I’ve to continue on my to do-list.


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