Sunday Funday

At the moment I’m chilling in my bed, just have watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, my window is open and it’s so hot, steamy and summery. I’m listening to Veronica Maggio’s latest album, which I really like.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had park chill all day. Brunch at the Pavilion in Victoria Park and then met up with some friends for just listen to music, having a beer in the sun, taking a nap. Those lazy days. In the late afternoon there was another park and another group of people. So I made my way to Hackney Downs Park instead, to meet up with Simone and Hanna.

Simone and Hanna !

We shared some strawberries, dreams and warm wine in the sun. A day you don’t want to end, so we gathered a group of friends for a Sunday BBQ party, how great are Sundays?!

SundayFunday080516_4 SundayFunday080516_5SundayFunday080516_8 SundayFunday080516_9 SundayFunday080516_10

We drank sangria that never ended, made new friends and fell in love with old ones. When the food was ready I was so hungry it literally was a hole in my tummy. As you do with BBQ’s, we put everything on the fire. So tasty!


Later on, when the night continued and we danced around the table, new friends arrived and the sun slowly went away to comeback for the next day. However, we are young and have fire in our hearts so there were time for new adventures. SundayFunday080516_11

London was still and quiet when the club closed, but we were happy, been dancing to some old tunes everyone sang along to. With no jacket on I walked home trough a Hackney on the verge of summer. SundayFunday080516_12


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