A weekend celebrating spring and life

A barley took any pictures from my visit to Stockholm and the archipelago. I had no time, too much fun. And too much fun sums pretty much up my life these last few weeks.

It all started on the last Friday of april, the 29th of april. We met up at Strongroom, this pub with a great outdoors space, or more of a yard actually. All my best people dropped in one after one, we talked about the week that’s gone by – as you do on Fridays. After a couple of beers we headed over to another pub to say hi to a friend and his visiting family. It was literally across the street. We moved on to Translate for some groovy dance moves and drinks. They usually play great music, but not this night. So I jumped into an Über and endued up at NT’s opening night. Like all the cool kids. I danced, met a girl on the terrace. We talked till the first rays of the sun warmed our faces. Then I walked home, met my flat mate in the kitchen and we went trough her relationship. More often than not I start to really like being single.

On Saturday, the last day of April, I met up with Adam, Elin and Amalia down on Broadway Market. We had rosé wine in the sun. You know, the first really warm spring sun and how happy it makes you?! Yes, this was exactly that day. When the sun moved so did we, over to NT’s. Again. With champagne in our hands we met new friends, had truffle chips and danced to in the afternoon sun. At NT’s they have these really big industrial windows, a perfect location for a music video. If there ever was one we would surely make the main event of said music video. There was so much pure joy in the air, as it is when you celebrate spring and life. In the evening we made our ways home to The Village, had a pizza and then crashed in bed before 10pm. Daytime parties are the only parties worth having (it’s not really true, but to 55%).


On Sunday, the first day of May and a bank holiday Sunday, we continued the festivities!

Pizza in the park (I was not in my finest condition) and then over to N360 and the rooftop of my dreams. After some cocktail popsicles we were all back on track again. Random friends dropped by and are small group grew into an eleven people squad, which I later on presented to the doorman at NT’s as “me and my squad”. Obviously. We made our ways up the stairs and out onto the terrace. Having the banter of our lives.


In the evening almost all of us walked the short distance (it’s ten minutes) to The Village and The Lauriston for some crazy karaoke rumble. It basically works like this: 1, pick a song. 2, go up on a stage. 3, hope you choose a crowdpleaser and the crowd does not boo you off the stage. I did not sing. I booed, and occasionally cheered. And had another beer. As you do. After we left, we made pasta in Adam’s kitchen and I was in bed before midnight. Daytime parties.

Next thing that happened: I fly off to Sweden for an unexpected archipelago treat. But it’s another story.

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