Adapt or perish

The days swooshes by in no time and I can’t really keep track of them. Last week was inspiring and  intense, I had a marathon of interviews and conversations. One thing I’ve come to realise – again – people are very different. And that’s amazing. Some are total idiots, yeah they are. Some spray meeting rooms with heavy flowery perfume and turn up the heat so one almost faints. Some you talk to for ever but it really feels more like two minutes. Some don’t care, some you love instant. Some has so much energy you just want to run with them as fast and as long as possible. Some are really snobbish. Some are nerds and you love them for it. Some are very down to earth and some has everything to learn, or teach.

It’s very amazing to meet all these people, and I try to use it as comfort when the days are more moody and blue. Yes, I’ve those days too. It really is a challenge (and an adventure) to tear up ones roots, leave ones country and everything one knows. To learn about new politics, economics and ways of life, to adapt.

2016 is now

Today was one of those what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-days. It’s crazy how one’s thoughts affect the mood as much as they do. And most of all I believe it’s the uncertainty – I don’t really do anything during the days (except try to find a job), and I need to find a more permanent solution to life. But perhaps it’s just that what 2016 should be all about.

Stay in the now. Focus my thoughts on the things that make my life better. For 2015 I wanted to move to London so badly, now I’m here and having second thoughts one to many times. For 2016 I want to re-focus my energy on settling down here. And do it in my time, don’t stress out about it.

I want to find a structure to my life, to my everyday, my job, my workout routine, my home, my spare time, all those things. And I want to travel loads more – travel to other places than London. And perfect my banter.

First week

I’ve missed to tell the stories about November and December and I doubt I ever will. I’m in London now, trying to find something meaningful to occupy my time with. It sounded a lot easier on paper than it is in reality. It’s quite exhausting actually. And sometimes depressing.

On the other hand, it’s very fun to be here. I just need to get a routine to my days I believe.

I apply for jobs
I take a swim or a walk
I make food
I go for beers
I play video games (almos a first)
I am having a great time

It’s not always easy. But it’s different, and perhaps exactly what I needed. We’ll se how this turns out.

To the unknown

The rest of my days in London passed by insanely fast. On Monday I met up with Marina, we had lunch, coffee and a walk. We passed a car covered in moss, the weirdest thing, and were followed by a black cat, the second weirdest thing. Walking along River Lea in Upper Clapton was beautiful, I so want to live in a house boat one day, they are the badest. Days like these, days without a schedule becomes small adventures in itself, one can stretch a walk or coffee forever.

Magical autumn days

On Tuesday me, Seb and Isabelle (they are almost inseparable these days) went for noodles. The place was super busy and very Chinese (not in China Town, but rather next to Leicester Square). We had drinks at La Bodega Negra. And on Wednesday it was time for me to pack my bag, hop onto the train and then fly off to the unknown. First time in New York.

A Sunday to remember

On Sunday I took the bus from Stratford to meet Seb and Isabelle at her place in Hackney. It may have been one of the last really great autumn days. The air was crisp but the sun warmed as we went for a walk. Isabelle showed us this super cute coffee shop and pastry, I had breakfast and a cappuccino in the sun. Sundays in London are my second fave day, and this Sunday in particular. We accidentally had passed a pub on our way to the coffee place so we walked back, treated ourselves a house brewed wheat pint and sat down outside in the sun. We chitchatted about life, about me moving to London soon and all ups and downs with that. It’s mostly ups.

They are super cute together!
They are super cute together!

Several hours later, friends had passed walking by on the street or sitting down for a pint, we ordered some Sunday Roast. This was mine and Seb’s first Sunday Rosat so completely new to this experience we shared the chicken, beef and pork roast between the three of us. Not an extraordinary culinary experience, but really good. Me and Seb stayed for another pint and Isabelle had to leave. Later in the evening (yes, the evening had arrived at this point) Linnea popped by and we smoked cigarettes and talked about life. After the bartender asked me ‘are you still here?’ we felt it was time to switch place. Had a las beer at a bar next door before going back home. One of those Sundays you remember during dark winter nights, like today.

My first days in London some weeks ago

I should tell you about New York. And I should tell you about London. I should tell you about my latest trips. But where should I start?! London was London, you know. We drank beers, had the time of our lives and a laugh. I arrived on Thursday, one of my fave days actually. You can taste the anticipation of the weekend in the air, but it’s also a great party day. Only pros are partying on Thursdays.

This sign lies
This sign lies

And we had a party, or Seb’s job had an after work I joined into. Company beers are the best beers for sure. We played foosball almost the entire night. Really getting into it with those damn winner heads.

On Friday we met up (again) at Seb’s office, and after a couple of beers there we walked (again) the few meters to Strongroom for more beers. And laughs, lots of laughs. Later in the evening we went dancing, in a very suspicious bar. The girls where between 16 (?) and 45, people were shoeless and it may be comparable to a Finland cruise (something I’ve avoided to go on despite six years in Stockholm). It was great fun, and I believe we had drinks and the home to Isabelle’s for sleep.


Saturday was rainy and cold and hungover (completely forgot to snap pics). We had breakfast at Broadway Market, and coffee at a place off Broadway Market. Then home to shower and back to Isabelle’s again. We had crazy fun, making home made whiskey sours and sang along to Spotify tunes. These days were not remarkable or extra, they were just better than normal. Like moving up a notch. I’ll tell you about Sunday (which were remarkable) and the rest later.

1K like anxiety

Since Seb and Isabelle were MIA and I hate staying in bed for too long I hopped onto the bus towards Broadway Market and Deniz, Adam and Fanny. Me and Deniz had a coffee while Adam and Fanny viewed an apartment – it was good but not right. We hade vegan burgers and a beer down by the canal sluice. When we sat there and made plans for tonight several narrow boats passed. Pretty cool to see close up when they are filling and emptying the sluice to pass.

2015-07-25 14.26.32
Waiting time = selfie time

In the search of new adventures we decided to head over to Shoreditch via Columbia Road. Some minutes later we were sitting down, sipping champagne at Strongroom (another fave). We hanged, photographed, instagramed and snapchatted. Talked about profile pics and selfies. Had Instagram like anxiety – it’s apparently a thing if you are famous (Fanny’s the one who are). In the end we scored 1K likes and I will probably never have more likes than that. But who knows, I may be famous soon too?!

2015-07-25 15.08.21 2015-07-25 16.47.59

By 6pm we split up, I headed back home for a change, and then, accompanied by the resurfaced Seb, we headed down South to Adam and Fanny for more champagne and long conversations, laughing our asses off to Swedish comedians and made new friends on their terrace. When our drinks were out we went dancing at Hootanannys. Super crazy, super fun, gypsy techno music themed night with Medusa performing a burlesque show on stage. Drinks almost free. And the night didn’t want to end.


One, two, three let’s sweat

By late lunchtime on Friday I, Adam (who leave work early on Fridays) and Deniz met in the rain to visit SkyGarden, well at least we thought so. When arranging the booking on Thursday night we totally missed the first available time where on the 7th of August. The rude staff cut us off and showed us the door. Would still love to see it, but those who worked there should very much up their service game.

Instead we ran into Fanny at Bank station (one of the things that never happen in London happened), grabbed a lunch and som coffee and headed over to Lights of Soho, a art gallery, members club and very trendy bar. We chilled downstairs and flirted with the staff, who were very friendly in comparison to earlier.

Lights of SOHO
Lights of Soho

We split up and I headed over to Shoreditch to meet up with Seb and get over to a house party in Stoke Newington. We made new friends and shared past days events with old ones. I love the inviting feeling my social circle has in London. Not a glimpse of the coldness of Stockholm. When it was time to met up with Isabelle (which made Seb very happy, the new-in-love glow is super cute. And yes, I would want some of it too) and her friend Jess we did so at a nearby pub. After a short detour at Alibi  we walked into Visons and a very sweaty hip-hop dance floor. Dancing to some good beats till five in the morning always makes me happy. Well, they could have cut down on the sweat. The night were four sweaty mans out of five. Very much sweat. But fun. And sweaty. Guess basement clubs have a challenge on the sweat department.

2015-07-24 21.55.11

2015-07-25 02.00.53
They are so cute + the guy in the background is hilarious

Rooftop hopping

On Thursday, Deniz had arrived from Sweden. He had bought a last minute ticket after we invited him over on Friday. Love when people are spontaneous. Me being a lazy ass Eastender, I told him to get his ass over to Hackney Wick and we met up for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon on bread. My British accent became instantly more distinguished. I showed him Hackney Wick and all the amazing street art. They are so great artists. I found a sword and dubbed myself a night. In Vicky park we watched birds first being fed by children, then hunted for fun. Children can be very mean when the want to.

After all these adventures we headed over to Netil House and their rooftop. I love rooftops. We threw ourselves down on bean bags and fell asleep almost instantly. With a beer and the sun behind some light clouds an afternoon nap is always an excellent idea. I can warmly recommend it.

Naping FTW !
Naping FTW !

After some hour or so we took a bus to Brick Lane and Shoreditch for some vintage hunting. There were no hidden gems but I was street styled photographed. Very pleased by my swag is visible beyond my own sphere.

At Spitalfields
At Spitalfields

We met up Seb, Zlatko and Adam on the rooftop of Queen of Hoxton (also a fav) to head down to Peckham and Frank’s. Frank’s is the new in South. You walk along some narrow streets and backyards to end up in a parking garage. When climbing the road up to the top floor you pass parked cars and bouncers. On the top of this massive garage they have placed tables, chairs and a – wait for it – bar. The view is remarkable and you can see all of London. We were sword fighting, posing and having a laugh. My working friends went back east when the sun set while I stayed with Adam, Fanny, James (who live in South) and Deniz for some frozen margs and another two hours.

2015-07-23 19.22.44 2015-07-23 19.29.45

When walking home from the train I was so happy I danced and sang along to the music in my ears. I also fought dragons – a sword is always good to have.

2015-07-25 01.05.28

Mid week

Tuesday were a lovely day, sunny and all. I had a run – so hard to not visit the gym while away. And when Seb and Seb left work for the day we met up in Vicky park, for beers, and later on pizzas at The Lauriston. If you ever want a pizza and are close to Vicky park, find this pub. Their pizzas are to die for.

Four cheese pizza and don't remember pizza
Four cheese pizza and don’t remember pizza

On Wednesday I first travelled to central London (first time this visit I was that far out west in London) for a meeting and some shopping. But after five minutes the tourists and people were too much for me. I ran down the escalators and jumped on the first tube back east.

The evening were spent at the badminton court. For you who says badminton isn’t a sport, think again. Oh my god I thought I was quite fit but damn it’s exhausting. I was more of a tiny sad pool than a human afterwards. The sky was clear and after some risotto balls (yes, I do like my food) we headed home.

Hackney Wick and the canal
Hackney Wick and the canal