The D Day

And the day was finally here. The D Day. The day of Kanal 5’s Junifest. Probably the most epic summer party you can attend. As I mentioned yesterday it was a sport theme so I wore my sprint outfit, running spike shoes and all. Yes, the spikes were still there, no I didn’t have my pliers with me. Well, I didn’t hurt anyone either, I think at least.

We started whit some champagne at the office while changing. There where basket players, cheerleaders, flash dancers, rugby players, referees and tennis players in our entourage. And me. The thing is no one really know where the venue is so everyone has to go by preorder busses. We jumped onto one, had some bears and shared our expectations of the evening and secrets from last year. All while singing along to Yaya / Kolo with Martin as leading star.


We arrived in the middle of a warehouse area with no real public transportation to get us out of there after 35 minutes in the bus. We were still happy though. We had more champagne while watching a figure skater doing some super difficult jumps. The three course dinner were lovely, but I guess everything’s lovely when a bit tipsy and very hungry. We stole giant balloons so we could find each other and also learned how to talk helium once again. How something so simple always can be so funny.


Performing this evening did Leila K, an iconic 90’s phenomena – she’s infamous for being her – Petter, one of Sweden’s best rapper and he was followed by Wyclef Jean. The best concert experiences are always those standing two meters from the stage and can feel the sweat of the artist. I had so much fun. And when we had finished our dessert and had our coffee the dance floor open up to a night with no ending. We learned some moves, climbed the stage and jumped out in the darkness. And dad ginger drinks galore.


When back in town I tried to find more of my friends, but with no luck. Instead I made a new friend. Summer nights, there is no end of what they can bring a lost soul.

The summer parties are here

When Thursday arrived I had major issues with my costume for Kanal 5’s Junifest. The were throwing a sport themed summer party and I had asked my mama to send me my old sprint outfit. Well, lucky me the post office in Sweden is somewhat reliable, it had arrived late afternoon and I went to pick it up. When everything settled with my outfit I took the bus back to town for some drinks with friends.

Some old, some new friends. The thing with being summer in Stockholm – everyone is so happy. These are the few months we actually live and breath. I met up the crew at the new old Debaser Slussen, an institution when it comes to open-air bars in Stockholm. In fact they are close due to the reconstruction of Slussen, but this summer they have a temporary solution.

Version 2

When all were gathered we walked down Götgatan to B-reel’s summer yard party. These ad people events are more or less a family reunion you love and can’t stand at the same time. So many people you should say hello to. So many people you rather want to be with than them. We fled the crowd to a balcony, had lots of beers and talked about everything that wasn’t important. Without any food in our bellies – the crowd was to thick to get through to the bbq – we jumped into an Uber and onto the next free summer party. Had wine, kissed hello to long lost loves and friends. Made out in the photo booth and danced until we were thrown out. Another epic night. The free ones almost always are. I wonder why?!


A reunion compared to no else

On Friday (5/6, I’m so behind), summer continued and we had the OOOAW reunion. It had been two years since we attended the first ever Out of Office AW. Now, as then, we were about 200 friends at Broken. OOOAW is to put it in one word, well, crazy. Today they have thousands of attendees and queues circling around buildings. But on Friday we had it all to ourselves – perks of knowing the host and DJ. One beer turned into shots, balloons, confetti that followed me home and hundreds of ice fountains. Love ice fountains till you have done it one too many times.


We chitchatted about the summer that was finally here. We sang along. And we danced on the tables. It was truly beyond. By 21.00 they close. That’s the idea, after work on a whole new level. We had dinner at the restaurant next door. And afterwards we walked to Sturecompagniet and continued to dance on the furnitures with more ice fountains. When most of us walked up to V****, men and Jasper turned our heads and went out in the warm night. I can’t stand this super exclusive club with rich kids stepping on your toes.


We went to my new favourite instead, Musikaliska. Partying under the sky with only beautiful hipster kind of people is quite special. We met up with friends and danced to the sun rose. I had so much fun I A forgot to snap any more picture. Sorry for that. On my way home I had to stop and climb the mountain on Söder, (Söders Höjder) to watch the mesmerising sunrise.

The hour when the sun rises may be the best hour in the entire day. It’s the only time I truly feel invisible. A childish happiness spreads throughout my entire being to se the rays of sunrise. It’s bubbling.

Summer is coming!

Last week, summer arrived to Stockholm. Thursday to be exact. Also the day for my work’s summer party. We left early to catch a boat from the 40’s. Slow paced cruising through Stockholm archipelago in the afternoon sun were quite a dreamy start for the evening. We arrived in Edsvik after 1h 30min, had drinks and played silly games. Games everyone except two hates but participate in anyway.

The season’s first BBQ and the some red wine and you could feel a summer breeze retell all the adventures from past summers. This energetic season we so much adore. How we long and crave it, how we kick of our shoes to walk barefoot in the grass. How nothing can be compared to summer adventures.

2015-06-04 19.16.40-1

We took the bus back to town and I had a therapeutical conversation with one of my favourite colleagues on the underground home. The thing with office summer parties is, you can’t stay too long. And I had another party to attend the day after anyway.

Never as…

Back in Stockholm I couldn’t get out of here fast enough. I had a quite terrible weekend, or at least Saturday night. Me and Stockholm night life is not what it used to be. When you taste those underground parties in London you’ll never be satisfied in this remote place of the world. But we had a super nice time by the canal in Hammarby Sjöstad Saturday evening. That’s still the one thing I love with Stockholm: the water.

IMG_1368Later on we went dancing but it’s never as good, never as exciting, never as London. And that makes me sad.

However, now I’m off to Västkusten and my family! For a sad occasion but it will be nice meeting them. I miss them now. I’ll tell the rest of the London story tomorrow and more about my grandma’s funeral and the time in Borås and Gothenburg later.


Blurry nights without mornings

We had after work at the office Friday; wine and gossiping, talking work but not projects, future tech but not work connected. How kids of today have no relation to reading the newspaper on moorings like I have – my mum still reads the local every morning. And that by video calling the grandparents all the time they’ll be confused by not seeing a face on the screen while talking on the phone. Small kids of today. I love the future and how it’s changing.

Later on we had dinner at Hotellet, super tasty food and nice company. Ending the evening with drinks and dancing, getting lost in the night. I spend most of Saturday be by reading and then meeting up with my cousin for a beer and food! I love food. Good food may be the only thing I need in life.

And this steak tartar at Morfar Ginko is perfection. Chopped beef instead of minced. Lovely. And Morfar Ginko could easily go for my living room. I’ve been there so many times now that I know all of the staff. It may be my best Stockholm destination; I’ll bring all my friends there. It’s also almost the only place I ever go to, that could also be why – I don’t know any other place.


Anyway, we left Ginko and headed over to this new place on Krukmakargatan 22, absolutely loved it. Super nice atmosphere and a lovely french setting. I’m weak for oysters and all french. It’s located in an 1900-ish fire station that makes up for a dramatic back drop to any cocktail.

An early night and a really good workout session on sunday calls for weekend to remember.