I’ve not bee here for ages. Life took a turn and I ended up right were I started. Sort of. I’m back in Stockholm. Back home, like it was yesterday. New place, new job, old streets, better life. I’ve an appetite for life I’ve longed for. Please, don’t kill my vibe.

Be right back – got to do some work.

The one day trip…

I will tell you all about ‘the best bank holiday ever’ soon, but first: I’m still in Stockholm, my one day trip to Sweden turned into a party and, easily convinced as I am, I stayed. And now I spend my day walking the streets I know, and bumping into the people I know.

Everything is sort of splendid and very beautiful, Stockholm – the air is clean(er) and the sea is so, so present, and everyone is so damn fucking pretty! I seriously believe swedes, in general, are the pretties people in the word. Now I need to buy a t-shirt because what I’m wearing, a formal shirt, is not really my thing for three days in a row.

IMG_1610I love London like crazy, it is the best place in the world. But, Stockholm feels more like, home.

A rooftop b-day bash

So this week has been filled with sleep, work, food, work outs (I’ve now an average of 4.1 sessions a week) and books. I just finished the Bram Stoker Dracula from 1897. I love to read classics, because how much authors want to set a story in a different time, the details will tell the author is just full of shit. As Hemingway (actually one of my favs) said ‘write what you know’. Well, no author of today knows the days of yesterday as the authors of yesterday. Dracula, the book, were quite interesting even though the story is well known and replicated countless of times. Def worth your time.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to be invited to my friend Nike’s b-day bash at the Anglais terrace. We started the day with sangrias, well we had sangria for almost all of the evening. The sun was out, and so was the wind. Why does it always get so windy on the seventh floor?

She had prepared cake (read: bought) and we toasted at least 30 times – one for every year. I met old friends, and made some pretty cool new ones. Apparently I had loads of fun because there’s only a few pics.


When the sun set we left for new adventures closer to the ground. And after twelve hours of fun I dropped down dead in my bed. Still smiling.

Sayonara extraordinaire

Oh my, oh my, this has been a long time. Lots of water under the bridges as a old man would whisper. I hope you take part of my endeavours in other ways. I’m quite funny.

Anyway, I replaced a festival weekend for great friends, dinners, laughing so hard I fell of the chair, rooftops, and making out in dark corners. Clearly a very good choice.

IMG_2357 (1)On Wednesday my very good friend Annika were totally surprised by a goodbye after work dedicated to her. She left for two years in Tokyo on Friday, but we spent Wednesday sipping champagne, having a great late dinner at Bistro Berns, sharing secretes and talking about every aspect of the future. When time passed midnight and more tear-filled goodbyes than anyone can count we continued out in the Stockholm night. This being her last night, we made it a night of firsts. We visited the dark corners of Stureplan, first halt was Bistro Jarl. Think old men with last-last-last-last season of Dressman, young twenty-somethings with to much makeup and kickers trying their first beer, all accompanied by the latest chart music from broken speakers. But it was quite lovely, we sat outside, had more champagne, laughed. And yes, I literally fell of the chair. We continued our night of firsts to Soap Bar. Well, you need to be super drunk to stand a second in there, it was exactly as stepping into a Magaluf beach club. In this jumble of shorts and bad hairstyles we continued the only thing keeping us sane; sipping champagne.


And we danced, and the night never wanted to end.

Last week

In addition to get back to my workout routine. Last week also offered a distinguished guest, all the way from London. Zlatan, was here on vacation (and to guide and hang with his brother). We met up on Wednesday and Thursday for drinks, new friends and snapchat stories.

Another thing I really like about Stockholm, it’s possible to be a regular at a bar or restaurant here, you can actually have a relation with the bar staff – they work in the same place for more than a short period of time. And that’s what I have it at Morfar Ginko. Therefore, we went there. Talked till closing, Denise painted eyebrows on Stefan and we had a laugh. Snapchatted to all our friends and dreamt about the future. I also learned to write my name in arabic, pretty cool! Good times. On Thursday we met up again, this time at Trädgården, my first visit this summer. I love outdoor venues, but Trädgården has lost its charm to me. And Thursday was no exception. The DJ didn’t care about people dancing or not, he left for ten minutes at a time couldn’t be bothered. It’s overpriced and the people are, well, they were cooler last time I was there.

Fedj and Zlatand
Dancing away!

Besides the terrible choice of DJ we had a really good time, learned greek words to shout to the night and hijacked the photo booth. Long time ago I laughed so much. Need to get my ass over to London again. Soon. Like yesterday soon.

Back on track

The one good thing (there’s some more, but this one is the most good) by being back in Stockholm is – wait for it – I’m back on track with my workout routine. I can finally spend four or five days a week at the gym and it feels so good. I’m freakishly strong at the moment. Like, I can feel my muscles under my skin, they are waiting, wanting, needing to be used again. My body is at its happiest just after a long killer workout. I usually don’t tell about how often I workout or what I eat and so on, there’s so many other people who do that. But I yesterday I find my new holy grail among post workout meals. Oatmeal porridge, raspberries and natural curd. Love it.

I also read an article about how we have become so accustomed to artificial flavours we can’t stand natural flavours. I try to eat as little sweeteners, e-numbers and whatever as possible. Only whole food, natural flavours and everything not industrialised. Of course I’ve my weak moments, but I’m at least aware of them. And then I can indulge and gorge in them. This is my diet, no bulk protein shakes or eating six times a day with an exact calorie intake, I eat whole food and what I like. If I want a burger for lunch, that’s cool, if I want ice cream, that’s cool. But eat plain good food as far as possible.

Parsley and fennel meatballs accompanied by butter fried chanterelles and softly mashed lemon potatoes in the making.
Like this dinner I had Saturday: Parsley and fennel meatballs accompanied by butter fried chanterelles and softly mashed lemon potatoes. Super tasty!


My life is full of contrasts, last weekend I got home by 8.30am, this weekend I’ve barely left my apartment.

I attended a house warming party last Saturday, in a area of Stockholm I never thought I would revisit. It’s so weird how life move froward and by a scent, a place or a series of events you are right back where you once started. Well, it wasn’t so serious this time, and I’ve climbed far out of the pit I once inhabited. I’ve reached a place where it doesn’t hurt anymore, where I let go of people more easily. In my life I’ve no room for people who only prioritise themselves (read psycho bitches). And I’m glad for realising that.

Anyway, we drank champagne, talked, smoked cigarettes and laughed until it was time to go downtown for dancing and ice cream drinks. We ended up at Celezte, which is this super Stockholmish club in the old National Archives. Outdoors, very hip, very much Stockholm, everything is so in order and pretty. Music and lights, smoke and mirrors – all is so thought out. I loved it and I wanted to escape it at the same time. So I did, hopped into an Über and ended up on a rooftop of an old industrial building – by invitation only. They played music you can dance to for hours and hours. Didn’t leave until 8am. The sunrise accompanied by the music were mesmerising. A setting worth experiencing.

Sunrise and rooftop love.
Sunrise and rooftop love.

This weekend, I’ve been binge watching Netflix’s Daredevil. Love it. The sun’s out and a second heat wave has its grip of Stockholm. I will hit the gym later today, a two hour killer workout. Some days it’s all you need.

A heat wave and a weekend

The heat wave held a firm grip of Stockholm last week and weekend, we had long lunches, late night drinks and all the things you do in summer Stockholm. I spent my weekend doing as little as possible – after a june filled with activities it was much needed. Reading – I will get back to you with some recommendations soon – working out, running ( / walking in the heat) and one hour bodypump followed by one hour balance. I love my sunday workout routine. Even more so when I afterwards can spend the night on my terrace, reading to 1am. If summer could be forever.


On Saturday my food intake consisted mainly of melons, so I decided to head over to Morfar Ginko for a steak tartar. My dinner was accompanied by the friendliest bartenders you can find. I also made som editing on the book that will change the world. We’ll see when I can finish it, I’m trying to write some on my vacation.

Sayonara Annika

I’m now on vacay!! No, I really can’t believe either – but here I am, in Halmstad, 400 meters from the sea and years away from everything called work.

Saturday two weeks ago my friend Annika had her leaving-Stockholm-to-live-in-Tokyo-for-two-years-sayonara-party. She lives in Hornstull, on the top floor with a balcony some people probably would kill for. The invite said 4pm, I arrived by 5pm and thought I would be late. Well, I was not. Actually, I were the only one there! So we opened a bottle of rosé, sat down on her dreamy balcony and shared everything that’s happened since last time. And told some secrets too.


By 6.30pm people started to arrive and 45 minutes later we were 20 people trying to squeeze into some few square meters of balcony. The champagne were served chilled and frequently. And if this wasn’t enough, and since Annika is moving to Tokyo, she had arranged house party at the next level by inviting a master and two apprentices of kendo, in full costume. Kendo is a Japanese martial art and the closest possible one can be a samurai. We learned about strokes and blows, how and were to hit. Afters some introduction, they started to fight – in her too small living room. And they screamed, Japanese style. So incredible weird and wonderful. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


We ate sushi and continued the next bottle of champagne, by 4am we had emptied every conversation imaginable. I therefore left for home and the comfort of my bed. I had so much fun there’s very few pictures from this afternoon, evening and night. I did watch the sunrise on my walk home though.


One o’clock

The following week passed by very fast. Summer had arrived to Stockholm and we had lunch outdoors. When Friday came, it was time to send Lousie off, who is leaving for better opportunities, with a rosé luncheon and some champagne for dessert. It’s actually a dream to leave work by one o’clock on Fridays. Life quality has to be working less.

When evening was upon us I headed over to Out of Office AW, met up with some friends, held one or two ice fountains, drank some beer and watched the extraordinary after work OOOAW has become. Impressive is a mild expression for their success. It’s so fun to have followed them from the beginning, and now hear the stories, almost mythological. I ran into a friend who I studied with, she now lives in San Fran, lovely to catch up with those one spent 80 hours a week with for two years. The evening ended at my fav bar, Morfar Ginko, dreamy as ever.